The SmartCyclo Project

Our company has been running succesfully the SmartCyclo project. We have developed an innovative tool including two light sensors and a smart app for the cyclists and the triathletes that wish to work on their body posture while cycling. 

We are passionate athletes, triathletes, cyclists, with strong background in Computer Science, Software and Advance Technologies.
We want to help cyclists and triathletes to have the best performance at their rides working on their body posture
Our goal is to create innovative tools for the athletes that can help them train smart and be the best they can!
Using science and technology we have created the tools that cyclists can use and Train Smart and Ride Fast!

The Smart Cyclo consists of 2 wireless sensors, a phone application with a smart algorithm, and a web app. The sensors can track their upper back and lower back and provides them with real data about their position during the ride for posture correction when they are out of their optimal aerodynamic position. The mobile app can help them to further analyze their training data based on their riding posture.

What Smart-Cyclo does?

Just wear our sensors on your belt, connect them with the SmartCyclo app and..

  • Track your aerodynamic cycling posture in real-time and improve your performance on the bike
  • Get instant information for all your riding data
  • Analyze your data, keep a record, and present instantly important and useful statistics held in the history of the user
  • Use it for Indoor and Outdoor rides and can be connected with other available devices so that it can collect other useful values (e.g., heart rate, power, cadence).
  • Use the data about your posture during the whole ride and after the ride to see overall analytics, such as the percentage you spend in each posture, average watts on different postures, and postures on the different scenes (uphills, downhills, etc.). These can be very useful for your next training plan.

It is all about tracking the body position on the bike in real-time!